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Renewal of French Carte Nationale d'Identité (CID) by French nationals resident in the Channel Islands

October 20th 2017

A notice published by Mme Leroy of  the Jersey Honorary Consulate in the Jersey Evening Post of 19th October, 2017, confirmed that French nationals seeking to renew their CIDs can no longer file their renewals via the Jersey Honorary Consulate, but need to address themselves directly to the London Consulat Général.

That will require a trip to London as the CID requires biometric analysis, and the London Consulat Général has the equipment rquired for that.

There is a simpler option now available for French nationals resident in the Channel Islands having access to Saint Malo.

The Mairie de Saint Malo has the biometric equipment required, and has been issuing passports renewals to French nationals resident in Jersey. I renewed my passport there this year.

The very helpful lady on the desk confirmed with her superior and then to me that the Mairie would have been in a positon to renew my CID had I requested it, and there is apparently no reason why French nationals in Jersey should not make the on-line application process naming the Mairie as the collection point and have the practical matter of its issuance dealt with at Saint Malo, which may be more convenient, and less time consuming, ferries permitting.

There is no reason why the situation should change post Brexit, as it is purely a French internal matter.