Overseas Chambers of Peter Harris

Overseas Chambers
Cabinet Principal à
39, rue des Gréves,
35430 Saint-Jouan de Guérets
Assurance Bar Mutual: 8015/009

Addresse d'inscription anglaise
c/o Addington Chambers
160, Fleet Street,
London EC4A 2DQ,
United Kingdom.
N0 inscription: 38995

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What we do and who we are

Peter Harris> Peter Harris

English domestic and international Revenue and Chancery Bar practice;

Private and public international law;

Offshore Tax Planning

Onshore Tax Planning

The private international aspects of the interaction between British legal sysems and French law involving the recognition of trust and other foreign legal concepts, the use of civil law structures for non-residents and foreigners taking up residence in Franceor in Britain;

Tax laws and estate planning;

The treatment of overseas Private Pension Plans in France;

European Union law, and tax law;

European Convention on Human Rights ("ECHR") and tax implications of the right to non expropriation;

Negotiation with British and French revenue authorities;

Jersey law and income tax legislation;

Tax Treaty and Tax Information Exchange Agreement planning;

Qualified Mediator, Revenue Bar Association; and

Tax treatment of French assurances vie à cause de vie or à cause de décès in United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Peter Harris is the sole person qualified to give legal and tax advice and settle opinions and advice emanating from Overseas Chambers.

At the Overseas Chambers of Peter Harris, we are a specialist tax and legal practice. We offer a wealth of legal and tax services from off- and -onshore tax planning, international structures and domestic tax advice.