Overseas Chambers of Peter Harris

French usufruit and continental equivalents; also English will trusts with French issues.

On coming to the UK, an elderly person  may ask their close relatives to act as executors under their will.

By way of example, what are the consequences, when following the death of their spouse or partner abroad prompting the decision to come to the UK, the foreign property that they inherit from their deceased spouse  includes the right to a usufuit over all or part of the deceased spouse's property?

A lay executor may wish to have guidance as to the implications of dealing with their relative's estate on their death in those circumstances. Taking a full legal advice on these issues is costly, frequently partially informed and therefore unhelpful. Social media is rarely a satisfactory source of information and guidance on these technical issues.

Peter Harris' forty years of experience in this area enables him to give guidance to individuals prior to accepting executorships in this area without that constituting legal advice or a regulated legal service. He can therefore assist on an agreed fee basis.

As a Barrister he is also able to provide probate services in England and Wales, and can work together with notaries and other legal profesionals in the foreign jurisdiction concerned.

Peter is also available if needed where the decease has already taken place and the Probate application is to be made.

Guidance for UK lay executors or heirs confronted with a French usufruit or other continental equivalent