Overseas Chambers of Peter Harris

Maison de la Boucterie
Rue de la Boucterie
Saint Saviour
Jersey, JE2 7ZW

Regulatory Matters & Complaints Procedure

"Overseas Chambers" is the business name of the overseas chambers of Peter Harris, an English barrister.

Peter Harris is Head of Chambers of Overseas Chambers, and, in consequence, the rights and property of Overseas Chambers are vested in him.

Peter Harris is regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and is registered with the General Council of the Bar, of England and Wales, under n° OP38995 and is regulated in that capacity. He does not practice within the United Kingdom. He practices from Jersey, Channel Islands.

Please refer to the Bar Standards Board list of Barristers if you wish to confirm his status and record.

Peter Harris can accept Direct Access Instructions for individual and corporate clients and is qualified to do so.

Peter Harris, in that capacity, carries professional insurance with the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited.

Peter Harris as Head of Chambers, has registered :

  1. this undertaking with the Population Office of the States of Jersey under the Regulation of Undertakings (Jersey) Law 1973 under n°RU42901;
  2. with the Jersey Financial Services Commission as being supervised by them for services provided under Schedule 2 Part B of the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999 and the appropriate subordinate legislation;
  3. with the Data Protection Commissioner of the States of Jersey under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005.

Peter Harris, as an English Barrister, is able to give certain legal advice as Counsel on Jersey laws, owing to his right of appearance before the final appellate body of the Island, and is able to give tax advice in the Island and appear before the Commissioners. However, he does not practice the law of Jersey as an advocate in the Island and does not have a right of audience before the Royal Court.

His experience  and practice in international private law and tax enables him to assist in French matters with an international element. He has physically practiced for twenty years in France.

His qualification in European Law and taxation  enables him to advise on matters of European Law.


Peter Harris calculates his fees and estmaets them on an hourly rate basis of £480 per hour.

As he practices from Jersey, Channel Islands he is not required to charge United Kingdom VAT.

He can provide a fixed fee basis by negotiation on estimated time. However, given the nature of the work requested, clients usually prefer him to work on a fixed initial fee with the possibility of a further range of authorised time billable in advance. The fees are therefore clearly itemised on the note of ees submitted to the client. Peter Harris only works on a payment in advance basis.

Complaints Procedure

The procedure for making a complaint under the Rules of Conduct of the English Bar may be downloaded here http://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/regulatory-requirements/the-code-of-conduct/annexes-to-the-code/annexe-s-chambers-complaints/. A link to yhe decision data  provided by the Legal Ombudsman can be found here and the webstie canbe cnsulted fomr that link.

Please contact us at oc@overseaschambers.com or on 01534 625 879, if you wish to make a complaint. The complaints procedure is set out in our Direct Access letter.