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Rodger Peter Harris has been advising as a Barrister in international law and tax since his call some 45 years ago.

His reputation is founded on a solid base of successes in Trusts, usufruits and international law matters with HMRC and the French tax adminstration.

He is recognised as an expert in cross border succession - and alternatives - in and outside the scope of the EU Succession Regulation (n° 650/2012).

We can work on a two tier system:

i) guidance of a non-advisory nature (for potential lay clients); (and then/or)

ii) full regulated legal advice for lay clients and professionals.

Please contact us to find out how to instruct us.

He also has competence in Jersey and Guernsey law and the Islands' income tax legislation;

He is a Fellow of the European Law Institute in Vienna.

He is a qualified Mediator, a member of the Revenue Bar Association and a Member of Chancery Bar Association.

Stamp Duty Land Tax: interests in foreign property for First Time Buyer's Relief and Apparent Ownership.

Peter is a recognised authority on countering the abusive and incorrect taxation of French usufruits by HMRC in the United Kingdom: for one public example of several successes, see #HumphriesKirk, Solicitor's website. Professional privilege and confidentiality necessarily applies to the others ....

Rodger Peter Harris is the sole person qualified to give legal and tax advice and settle opinions and advice emanating from Overseas Chambers. See the News and Press and Ressources pages for examples of areas of his expertise.

The Site is undergong reconstruction at the moment. Overseas Chambers houses the overseas specialist tax and legal practice of Peter Harris, English Barrister and international tax expert.